“Music blesses you with everything. Peace of mind is just one of the things; there is positivity & prosperity which too follows.”
- Sanjay Nadkarni
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Sanjay Nadkarni is a versatile singer who has sung several Bhaav-geet, Bhajans, Abhangs in different regional languages and has performed various shows in India & abroad.

Early Life

Born to a middle-class Saraswat Brahmin family in Girgaum, Mumbai; Sanjay Nadkarni’s first tryst with music began when he was just 6 years old. His first Music Guru was Pandit Uttamrao Patil. Since then, he’s been a devout music lover & has dedicated his life for it. He has inherited his musical talent from his late mother – Mrs. Kamalini Nadkarni, who was a renowned Kathak Dancer. For Sanjay, ‘MUSIC’ is ‘LIFE’. Extremely fond of Lata Mangeshkar’s songs; Sanjay has mastered in every kind of classical, folk, film & light music.


Sanjay Nadkarni is a graduate in Arts from Mumbai University. He also holds a Diploma & Bachelors Degree in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music from Mumbai University. It was during this period that he got trained under Pandit Govindrao Agni. Not just that, Sanjay has Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music from Mumbai University. During this time, he met Dr. Vidyadhar Vyas and still learns from him.

During his various stages in life, he has learnt music from several stalwarts in the musical world like Pandit Uttamrao Patil, Pandit Rajeshwar Bobde & Pandita Kishori Amonkar. He has always been indebted to three people who have a huge influence on him - Pandita Kishori Amonkar, Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki & Satsang Guru Shri Tukaram Ganapati Maharaj whom he met in the year 2005.

D iscography
Sanjay Nadkarni has been actively singing, recording & performing in India & abroad. Some of his popular albums are:
  • ‘Bola Vitthal’ - Prism Audio
  • ‘Vitthal To Aala’ - Tips
  • ‘Deha Chi Tijori’ Part I, II, III - Prism Audio
  • ‘Sampoorna Hai Paath’ - Prism Audio
  • ‘Sai Maajhi Aai’ - Vinayaka Audio
  • ‘Akkalkoti Majhe Maher’ - Prism Audio
  • ‘Indrayani Kaathi’ - Prism Audio
  • ‘Shri Datta Mahima’ - T-Series
  • ‘Swaamincha Prasad’ - Sai Dhun Audio
  • ‘Dharila Chor Pandharicha’ - T-Series
  • ‘Swami Chaitra Saaramvrut’ (4 Series) - Swarmala Audio
  • ‘Swami Naam Dhun & Taarak Mantra’ - Swarmala Audio
  • ‘Vitthal Vitthal’ - T-Series
  • ‘Vitthal Naam Dhan’ - T-Series
  • ‘Tu Dayecha Sagar’ - Satyavachan Prakashan
  • ‘Amrut Vaani Shri Swaminchi’ - Swami Swaroopanand Seva Mandal, Ratnagiri, Pavas
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